Top 5 Foods to Improve Eyesight & Other Eye Disorders

Eye Care Tips & Best Food for Eyes – Being a nerd isn’t cool especially when you are wearing oversized eyeglasses plus they don’t suit you much either! Unhealthy food habits associated with poor eyesight include eating junk food, drinking commercial milk and carbonated drinks, and certain medications (Zuraw & Lewanski, 2010). Sugar is the major culprit behind many diseases such as calcium deficiency, diabetes, obesity, cardiac problems, kidney and liver disorders, and your main concern for the time being “Poor Eyesight” (Zuraw & Lewanski, 2010).

Top 5 Foods to Improve Eyesight

If you want to get rid of your glasses, you must take a healthy diet and exercise on daily basis. Know the best exercises for improved vision by clicking on the link. Next, explore the list of best 5 food items for eyes health below.

Five Best Food Items for Eye Care

Doctors say that an eye is a window to the body as they can take a sneak peek on your health by looking at the back of the eye. Our diet plays a major role in determining good health. A high-quality nutritional diet for healthy eyesight includes green leafy vegetables, seasonal fruits, fish, and whole grains (Adams 146). Let’s find out the best food items to maintain good eyesight below.

  1. Consume Food Rich in Vitamin C (Lemons, Mangoes….)
    Be careful with the title, it says “Food rich in Vitamin C” and not supplements or processed foods. Best sources of vitamin C include peppers, mangoes, oranges, strawberries, and lemons. Various medical studies suggest that vitamin C has proved out to be quite effective against cataracts (Adams 14).
    Consume Food Rich in Vitamin C
  2. Prevent Cataract & Glaucoma with Intake of Vitamin E (Spinach, Kiwis…)
    Glaucoma is more prevalent in people of age group above 60. It is a disease which impairs the eye’s optic nerve and leads to vision loss. Almonds have always been recommended for sharp memory but, it is also rich in vitamin E. Other rich sources of vitamin-E are spinach, kiwis, and seafood (Adams 15).Prevent Cataract & Glaucoma with Intake of Vitamin E
  3. Vitamin B12 Improves Eye Function (Eggs, Cereals…..)
    Optimum sources of vitamin B12 include dairy products, eggs, and cereals. Apart from improving eyesight, it contributes to vital functions in your body such as boosting up the energy level and protecting the nervous system. Vitamin B12 Improves Eye Function
  4. Good Eye Health with Food Rich in Vitamin A (Carrot)
    Vitamin A is primarily responsible for imparting the glow to your skin. It is also considered effective in curing eye diseases such as night-blindness, eye inflammation, and dry eyes. When it comes to vitamin A, we are reminded of Bugs Bunny and his favorite food “carrot”, which is possibly the best source of retinol.Good Eye Health with Food Rich in Vitamin A
  5. Reward Yourself with Antioxidants (Green Tea)
    You may purchase branded green tea from our online beauty and wellness website. Drinking green tea is associated with countless benefits ranging from weight management to enhanced digestion. Antioxidants found in green tea are beneficial for reducing the risk of developing cataracts and macular degeneration.

Green Tea Contains Caffeine

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