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5- Minutes Makeup Hacks that Every Girl Should Know

Hello pretty ladies! A hectic schedule throughout the day might be keeping you away from your makeup kit bag. Being a woman, it’s never too easy to manage both professional and household work. All these tasks leave you no time to spare for a decent touchup before you hit the office. No worries… we have got you covered here with five minutes makeup hacks that will help you look gorgeous even when you are in a rush. These quick makeup tricks will inspire you to try out new looks while saving time, money and effort.
Before you get down to action, it is necessary that you prepare a checklist of products. Make sure you have all the basic makeup essentials kept close to you. If you are missing out some stuff, you shall update your beauty shelf with purchase of makeup products online from top-notch brands.

5- Minutes Makeup Hacks that Every Girl Should Know

5-Minutes Makeup Tricks to Glam-Up
Girls-on-the-go prefers quick, sober, and feature-enhancing touchup. It all begins with the basics that will make the application of makeup products smoother and long-lasting. Here we go…

Keep your stuff in an organized way
These 5-minute makeup tricks are counting on the fact that you own one letter holder! A letter organizer has the right space to hold your bulky eye-shadows, powders, and bronzers. In order to store makeup products and appliances, buy yourself a pack of stick-on door hooks. Attach these hooks to the insides of your cupboard doors and hang your stuff on them.

Apply ice cube all over the face
Before you start the touchup, wrap an ice cube in a soft tissue paper and rub it gently all over your face. This will roughly take you 20-30 seconds. The application of cold ice blocks the pores of the face and minimizes their appearance while you do the makeup. Also, the use of ice-cube before the makeup doesn’t allow the harmful ingredients to get absorbed into the skin (Dry your face with a tissue paper instantly if you are in a real rush!).

A little trick of the eye
A man definitely falls for smoky eyes! Here’s a tip to intensify your eye lashes and your old mascara brush has a major role to play. Wash an old mascara brush and roll it through talc-free baby powder. Once the brush is coated, wave the wand through your lashes and cover them in powder.

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Now it’s all set as you can apply the mascara as you normally do over the lashes to make them look volumized.

Emergency Eye Liner
Did you ever find yourself in a situation when your eyeliner pencil betrayed you at the last moment before you leave for the occasion? There might be countless times when you find your eyeliner pencil being rolled away into nothing. Don’t panic as your eye makeup will still look impactful and spontaneous when you leave the house today.
About a couple of minutes still to spare, you should use a liner brush to take the liquid mascara and apply it along your eyelids. For a smudgy look, use charcoal, grey or even brown eye shadow.

Don’t forget your fav lip color
It’s all down to the last minute! Pick your favorite lip shade and work around your lips such that they don’t seem off-color. Even if you plan on to skip out the whole touchup and just wear the right lip color, it might just be enough to make you look less sleepy!
Anyway, you are a total babe with or without doing the makeup. The real beauty of a woman is her passion while the makeup she wears is just an art. When it comes to professionalism, it’s your confidence that take you places.
Want more beauty tips? Stay tuned for more as there’s so much to unveil about makeup and skincare products by our very own beauty brains.

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