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Keep your skin healthy this summer

Now that the sun is out it’s time to enjoy some of your time outside. But with maxi dresses and big reflectors comes the harsh sun’s rays that dim down your skin’s shine. You have to be sure to be smart and protected from the unseen dangers. Sunscreen is the most basic and a must have for everyone. Not stepping out of your house without applying a good SPF15 lotion is the first step to keeping your skin healthy throughout the summer season.

Here is a range of women skincare product available Online to keep your sun kissed skin happy and healthy tips:

  • Antioxidant lotions:

Even a short while of sun exposure will affect your skin harshly. Add a healthy layer of face protecting sunscreen before leaving your home. Opt for a lotion that feels light on your face and leaves you feeling silky smooth. For an extra boost for the health of your skin opt for an antioxidant based lotion.

You can also find a skin protecting lotion in our website’s skincare section.

Antioxidant lotions - pLANETEVES.COM

  • Lip Balm

Opt for a lip balm instead of a lip gloss this summer. There are several women beauty products for online shopping and among these products there are sunscreen lip balms available which is a boon during the hot seasons. Not only does it looks good and is available in a range of flavours, it helps in keeping the lips hydrated and healthy.

Summer calls for some ripe lychee and our lip balm range offers you just that.

Lip Balm -

  • Exfoliate

A gentle exfoliating routine is the best way of taking care of your skin and getting rid of dead skin. Online women shopping stores across India offers a wide range of top notch exfoliators. Exfoliating scrubs used along with gentle face cleaners and scrubbers to wash away the dirty pores will successfully help in keeping your skin radiant.

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  • BB cream

With longer days, lighter clothes and lesser makeup on the agenda, it is important for you to opt for some BB creams i.e. beauty balms. It is your one to stop solution to all your face fix problems. It not only boosts your skin tone but also moisturizes and gives it maximum radiance. It looks best during summertime since this is the time one preaches the nude shades.

Browse through some of our loved women’s makeup product online and pick yourself a good BB cream.

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