Comfortable yet Stylish Heels to wear to Work!

Work can be hectic, we all know that! Running from one chore to another and one floor to another can be quite a task every day. It is not wrong to say that often fashion for people stops from the waist down. And once you are in a competitive atmosphere like the workplace, you are judged from top to bottom, head to toe. Sleazy behavior and attitude towards shoes can also be mistaken as a sleazy attitude towards work. Hence, you might want to take your women footwear online shopping seriously. Here are some Ideas for footwear you could wear to work. All the following looks are available on Planeteves.

    Ideal for meeting the perfect balance between work and style, block heels are the work staples when it comes to footwear. In black or beige or brown they’re so versatile they can go with everything. Blocks are the kind of heels that can be managed relatively easily compared to other shoes, in a heel higher than 2 inches as well.
  2. CLOGS
    If your work place isn’t religiously following a dress code, clogs could be your thing. They liven the work outfits up a little. Don’t be scared of experimenting with vibrant colors and prints to show a little personality. However, don’t get louder than these shoes. Make sure the rest of your outfit balances out the shoes. Wear Clogs with casual pants or denims.
    While footwear for women online offer a large variety of shoes and heels, choosing the correct one can be tricky. Wedges are the most comfortable since they are the thickest of heels. They are easy to walk in, work in and even run in. It allows for free movement and comfortable wear ability all day long.
  4. Sandals
    If you are anything like me then you realize no matter what kind and how comfortable- heels are just not your thing. That’s where sandals come to the rescue. With wearability so easy you doubt if you will ever walk out of them. It is for women who want stylish and snug yet comfortable footwear. They are also versatile and hence can easily double as casual footwear too.  Women footwear shopping online is a bliss for women who want variety and comfort.
  5. FLATS
    Flats is synonymous with comfortable footwear. Work wear is not complete without flats. Without the hindrance of any heel or uncomfortable sole, flats make it excessively easy to work and hustle in a fast paced office atmosphere.

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