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4 Hair Oils That Do Actually Work

There is not one hair problem that oiling your hair can’t solve. Right from baldness to thinning hair to hair loss, a good massage from the right kind of oil can solve it all. But traditional oils take a lot of time to show results and in the fast paced world of today nobody’s got that kind of time. So we bring you a list of hair oils that have been engineered to deliver results. Here’s your checklist for the next time you go beauty products shopping online.

  1. Egg Oil
    The Eyova Hair Oil Strengthens hair and prevents hair loss. It improves cell growth and blood circulation which makes hair soft and lustrous. The oil provides deep conditioning and is easy and convenient to apply. It shows results in just 4 weeks making hair feel stronger and thicker.
  2. Tvam Anti Stress Hair Oil
    Relieving stress is another one of the many benefits of a good hair oil massage. Tvam hair oil is made of natural ingredients so the remnants don’t accumulate and damage the scalp in the long run. This is the hair oil to use for strength, texture and quality. But this is also the hair oil to use when you want a good relaxing massage. It is made with an amalgamation of 21 herbs that relieve stress which makes it a definite stand out when women beauty products shopping.
  3. Kronokare Go A(long) way Growth boosting hair oil
    Made with pure extracts of sage, thyme and lime, this blend will add length to your hair in absolutely no-time. It is made with a base of coconut-specially developed to make hair grow faster. It is 100 % natural with vitamin E, coconut oil and essential oils. A 500 ml bottle costs around Rs. 1200 but the product is definitely worth the investment.
  4. Bio-Bloom Hair Oil
    While shopping for beauty products for women, make sure you don’t miss out on this product. With hibiscus, basil and peppermint extracts the oil smells simply therapeutic.  It has healing properties and makes your scalp and hair nourished and moisturized.  It’s ideal for thinning or fine hair.


Bio-Bloom Hair Oil


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