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Top Body Transformations of Marvel & DC Universe

Childhood was so much fun, especially for 90’s kids who grew up watching superheroes of Marvel & DC universe. Some of us still idolize our childhood comic book heroes such as Batman, Superman, Iron-man, Spider-man among other inspiring characters. Since few years, the focus has shifted from animated to live-action superhero movies which are raking lots of moolah at the box-office.

Top Body Transformations of Marvel & DC Universe

Watching them fight with ripped muscles motivates us to hit the gym and eat healthily. At the same time, we are curious to know the secret behind their toned body. We often question ourselves whether were they on steroids? But, it is for sure that it takes lots of hard work and dedication for body-transformation from unhealthy to lean or fat to ripped. Let’s look at body-transformations of celebrities who got ripped up to play the roles of Marvel & DC superheroes and caught our serious attention giving us fitness goals.

Hugh Jackman (As Wolverine in X-Men Movies)

Gracing the countdown is Hugh Jackman’s jacked-up physique. This mutant is such a badass when it comes to physique and popularity among the people. Hugh Jackman has portrayed the role of Wolverine in over half-a-dozen Marvel movies with such brilliance that no other actor would have produced such scintillating performances.

Hugh Jackman (As Wolverine in X-Men Movies)

What’s the secret behind his well-built physique? Which proteins or mass gainer he’s been using? What diet routine did he follow? Let’s get all the details you have been searching all over the internet.
Look at his Wolverine diet plan-

Meal 1 Eggs & Oatmeal
Meal 2 Steak, Sweet Potatoes & Brocolli
Meal 3 Chicken, Brown Rice & Spinach
Meal 4 Fish, Avocado & Broccoli

What about the Weights?

Let’s know about his workout plan-

Main Lifts Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Barbell Bench Press 5 Reps 4 Reps 3 Reps 10 Reps
Back Squat 5 Reps 4 Reps 3 Reps 10 Reps
Weighted Pull-Up 5 Reps 4 Reps 3 Reps 10 Reps
Deadlift 5 Reps 4 Reps 3 Reps 10 Reps

Which supplements did he use?

When to take? Name of Brand Pre-workout/Post-workout
While Bulking Animal Nitro Pre-workout Animal Pump
While Cutting Universal Nutrition Universal L-carnitine


Currently, we do not have the above-mentioned Protein supplements online. But, there are various other mass gainers available on our display that are genuine and effective in building a dream physique.

Christian Bale (As Batman in Batman Begins)

From emaciated in “The Machinist” to super-buff billionaire Bruce Wayne in “Batman Begins”, Christian Bale restructured his physique completely within a year. His performance was highly praised across the world, and he also earned the tag for the “best Batman character” ever.

Christian Bale (As Batman in Batman Begins)

Let’s know Batman’s diet routine-
No amount of exercise can compensate for a healthy diet. Bale required eating a meal every 2-3 hours, which consisted of a balance of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in 1:2:3 ratio respectively.

Batman’s Workout Schedule

Day One: Back

  • Wide Grip Lateral Pull Downs (3×10)
  • Barbell Rows (3×10)
  • Shrugs (4×25)
  • Wide Grip Pull Ups (3×10)
  • Deadlifts 10-8-5-5-3-Max

Day Two: Arms

  • Dumbbell Curls (3×10)
  • Skull Crushers (3×10)
  • Hammer Curls (3×10)
  • Tricep Overhead Extensions (3×10)
  • Seated Concentration Curls (3×10)
  • Tricep Cable (Rope) Extensions (3×10)

Day Three: Shoulders

  • Dumbbell Front Raises (3×10)
  • Pull-Ups (3×10)
  • Dumbbell Lateral Raises (3×10)
  • Dumbbell Shrugs (3×25)
  • Presses (10-8-5-5-3-Max)

Day Four: Legs

  • Calf Raises (3×25)
  • Seated Leg Curls (3×10)
  • Weighted Lunges (3×20)
  • Weighted Step Ups (3×20)
  • Front Squats (3×10)
  • Squats (10-8-5-5-3-Max)

Day 5: Chest

  • Dumbbell Chest Press (3×10)
  • Cable Flyes (3×10)
  • Decline Cable Flyes (3×10)
  • Incline Bench Press (3×10)
  • Weighted Push-Ups (3×25)
  • Barbell Bench Press (10-8-5-5-3-Max)

Tom Hardy (As Bane in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises)
Tom Hardy looked “One man army” when he played Bane in Batman Dark Knight Rises. His workout regime was no easy job and it would take a beast like him to train like that. At the end of his training, he got bulkier, adding pounds of pure muscle to his already stunning physique.

Tom Hardy (As Bane in Batman: The Dark Knight Rises)

Role of Nutrition in Bane’s Physique-

Tom Hardy’s Diet Plan
Number of meals in a day 5-6 meals
Nutrients Lean Protein & Complex Carbohydrates
Food Items Chicken, Fish, Vegetables, Oats, Protein Shakes, Milk


Supplement suggestions for Bane like physique-

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