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Rainy Season Skin Care Tips: 7 Easy Tips to Maintain Healthy Skin

Best Skin Care Tips for Monsoon – July showers are quite refreshing but, at the same time makes your skin a breeding spot for numerous microorganisms, bacteria in particular. We do not intend to spoil your mood and prevent you from enjoying much-needed downpour; make sure you hit the streets with skincare products for rainy season in your backpack. Take care of your skin while staying in the budget this monsoon with purchase of beauty products from Planeteves. To maintain healthy skin, you need to follow 7 tips for skincare mentioned below.

Rainy Season Skin Care Tips: 7 Easy Tips to Maintain Healthy Skin

Seven Skincare Tips to Keep Your Skin Protected This Monsoon

  1. Drink at least 2 liters of water (Approx. 8 glasses)
    More than half of the skin problems are caused due to dehydration in the body. Less water intake is also associated with the prevalence of dry skin, acne, and pimples. Outbreaks like acne or pimples on your face can be reflective of your internal health.
    Refer to the face mapping mentioned below to locate the region of an outbreak and decode the reason behind it.Drink at least 2 liters of waterWhy should you drink 8 glasses of water?
    Drinking at least 8-oz glasses of water a day will reduce the toxin build up in your body. In fact, water is the major constituent of the human body and carries out all the major processes including thermoregulation, transportation of nutrients and waste products, and as a lubricant & shock absorber (Jequier 115).
  2. Cleanse your face using face wash twice a day
    Our oil glands are active all the time leaving the skin excessively greasy. Do your skin a favor by treating it with organic face wash or a cleanser. For best results, wash your face with it at least two times a day.
    Which is the best organic face wash?
    Choosing a face care product online isn’t a tough job when you know your skin well.
    * For glow– Face wash from the house of Organic Harvest is best suited to bring a glow to the face.
    * For oily or dry skin– Pour essential minerals and herbal extracts into your pores by applying face wash from the house of Globus.
  3. Exfoliate your skin once a week
    Unfortunately, raindrops aren’t pure and are composed of dirt and other harmful pollutants. Exfoliate your skin once every week with a gentle scrub to get rid of dead skin cells, blackheads, and other embedded impurities.Exfoliate your skin once a week
    Which is the best exfoliating scrub?
    You may opt for Himalaya Apricot Scrub in order to get effective results while sticking to the budget. The face scrub exfoliates dead skin, blackheads, and unclogs pores.
  4. Moisturize every single dayThe humid weather pulls out the moisture from your skin leaving it dry. Add on a natural moisturizer to your beauty cabinet enriched with cucumber, coconut oil or olive oil. These ingredients do not leave your skin oily.
    Which is the best moisturizer brand online?
    There are various moisturizer brands online you can choose from- Patanjali, Khadi Pure, Himalaya, Bioderma or Shahnaz Husain.
  5. Avoid eating deep fried food
    As soon as you see raindrops sliding through the window, gracing the surroundings, and tickling the skin pores you start craving for pakoras. Don’t let your taste buds overwhelm your health as these are deeply fried. The pH level of blood is imbalanced by eating hot, spicy, too much sugary and salty, oily and deep fried food (Haas 121).Avoid eating deep fried food
  6. Wear light or no makeup at all
    Abstain from coming out in the shower directly with makeup on! Wear waterproof if it’s too necessary otherwise messed up makeup due to droplets will clog the pores.
    How to make your makeup waterproof?
    Dusting a Colorbar mattifying powder on your base makeup will help your touchup last longer. It soaks the excess moisture from the skin giving your skin an even finish. Highlight your eyelashes with waterproof mascara from top-notch brands- Blue Heaven, Color Essence, Lotus Herbals, Maybelline, Neutrogena, and Oriflame.
  7. Prefer skincare products made up of natural ingredients
    According to a survey conducted in 2017, consumers prefer to use natural skincare products enriched with organic ingredients. MNC’s are also tapping into an all-natural market, launching products with natural ingredients.

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