Quirky Scarves to Wear this Winter!

Scarves are undoubtedly the most underrated accessory of all time. They can be worn in summers, winters, spring or fall. They can be worn 365 days in 365 ways. These scarves for women are versatile and adaptable in different the seasons. No outfit is complete without a designer scarf to finish off your ensemble. But how do you wear the same scarf again and again without making things monotonous? Your average long shawl scarf isn’t the only option in the market. While women scarves online shopping  be on the lookout for these edgy scarves.

  1. The Simple Necklace Scarf
    Purchase a simple scarf that has a necklace in it. This is the simplest way to look elegant and stand out without putting in much effort into wearing the scarf.  They double as both pendants and stoles. Perfect for a boho-chic look they look ideal when paired with palazzos and flats.
  2. Accessorized Scarf
    Pick a scarf that has embellishments attached on its ends. It can be anything from tassels to feathers or little mirrors. These add a little charm to your ensemble and make them look fun and vibrant.
  3. Knee Long Embellished scarf
    These scarves are ideal for dresses and skirts. If you’re short they make you appear taller. Simply drape them around diagonally and you’re good to go.
  4. Sequenced Scarf
    You can either buy a scarf that has embellishments or you can buy a scarf made with embellishments. Sequenced scarves are perfect for night outs. Wear a contrasting scarf over a simple dress with a solid color and you’re all set! You can easily choose between colors and styles while scarves online shopping for women.
  5. Beaded Scarf
    Why stop at sequence? Beaded scarves can double as both necklaces on deep neck dresses or tops or as scarves. While scarves online shopping for women choose between a wide range of western formals for girls.
  6. Netted Scarf
    My personal favorites are netted scarves. They are the definition of chic. Wear a simple netted scarf on a indian traditional dress to look like the personification of sophistication.

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