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Protein Powder is not just for Bodybuilders

Our all-time favorite discussion revolves around the protein supplements for body-building. A fitness fanatic person is often spotted sipping protein shake at the gym after a vigorous workout. In the first place, why do we need proteins? Our body requires proteins for building and repairing cellular structures. Significantly, the growth of muscles can be enhanced to a large extent with intake of extra proteins. But, why a majority of protein powder users are bodybuilders not women or people of other age groups?

Protein Powder is not just for Bodybuilders

Do women need to consume whey proteins?
A whey protein is extracted from milk and is considered as a complete protein as it includes all 9 essential amino acids. It promotes the growth of lean muscle mass and improves energy level as well. It is considered as beneficial in aiding weight loss, lowering the level of cholesterol, providing resistance against asthma, and improving cardiovascular health. In case of no workout at all, ready to face the consequences such as bloating, kidney stones, and weight gain.

A woman has turned out to be a matriarch of the family as she is indulged in both official as well as household work. Working round the clock does not allow her to care for herself. On top of that, ageing process degrades muscle mass and deficiency of proteins would make her health worse.

Our body is able to absorb 20g-30g proteins in one sitting which is insufficient in case of women. As a result, it makes them tired and sleepy at work or home.

Do men who don’t break a sweat require protein supplements?
What if you are not hitting the gym and still relying on proteins to grow lean muscle mass? First of all, protein supplements are recommended only if you are exercising moderately or indulged in some field work. An office guy with his eyes glued to the computer screen for straight 9 hours are especially, not fit to consume whey protein.

Do men who don’t break a sweat require protein supplements?

What do we mean by working out? Hitting the gym and straining your muscles with vigorous training session is definitely not the only type of exercise which demands protein supplementation. You can still burn calories while adding extra proteins to your diet by doing regular stretches, running, swimming, and cycling.

You must visit your nutritional expert before buying a protein powder or body-building supplement in order to know about its benefits and side-effects.

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