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Nutrition & Fitness- Top 5 Post Workout Supplements 2018

Bingo! You have landed on the right page if you are hunting for protein supplements after-gym online. Regular exercise paired with a healthy diet is the key to attain robust physique but, those who desire to build a ripped structure have to take supplements for muscle gain. Long workout sessions at the gym drain away lots of energy and, therefore, weightlifters and fitness enthusiasts need to feed themselves the right amount of proteins and carbs post the workout.

Nutrition & Fitness- Top 5 Post Workout Supplements 2018

Let’s unveil the list of best post-workout protein brands 2018 which is based on feedback from the users and reviews online. Before you scroll down to the list, ensure that you go through the “seven things to know before buying protein supplements online”.

7 Things to Know Before you Buy Post-Workout Supplements Online

  1. Importance of Post Workout Nutrition
    Do not avoid post-workout nutrition as several studies reveal that our body is able to absorb the nutrients more efficiently if fed within an hour. Feed yourself within a time frame of 30 to 60 minutes after a workout session in order to allow your muscle cells to accept the nutrition efficiently (Austin & Seebohar, 1977). Post-workout nutrition helps to restore glycogen and level of fluids in athletes and weightlifters.
  2. Why Take Post-Workout Supplements?
    It is often taken by gym goers and weightlifters for helping them recover from a strenuous workout. The post-workout supplements reduced muscle fatigue and repair worn-out muscles.
  3. Advantages of Post-Workout Nutrition
    Matthews stated that eating protein after a workout session minimizes muscle breakdown and promote protein synthesis. Increased protein synthesis stimulates muscle growth at a rapid pace giving you quick results. Also, it replenishes the level of glycogen and fluids inside the cells.
  4. Who can take Post-Workout Supplements?
    The more you workout, the more proteins your body needs to recover and build muscles. If you aren’t breaking a sweat then it is recommended not to ingest protein supplements instead, add protein-rich sources to your diet such as eggs, meat, chicken, fish and dairy products. Vegans can rely on vegetarian food including soybean, peanut butter, spinach, and dairy products.
  5. What is the right time to take Post-Workout Supplements?
    Do not delay your post-workout diet and try to take it as sooner as possible within a window of 30 to 60 minutes (Austin & Seebohar, 1977). A book by Matthews also showed that protein ingested within an hour after a workout leads to overall muscle growth.
  6. Are there any side-effects of protein supplements?
    Though there are no side-effects associated with protein supplements, anything in excess is harmful to the body. Reports which stated that excess protein intake could harm the liver, kidneys or cause calcium loss have been disapproved (Bean 101).
  7. Choosing a right supplement online
    Do not buy supplements online blindly as the web world is flooded with fake products. The good thing is that you can identify a fake supplement in the following ways:
  • Observe the seal: Original pad of the lid has a structure similar to honeycomb and it’s attached with lid. The pad of fake product is made of ordinary carton.
  • Look at the LOT number carefully: LOT number is often written in the wrong format on counterfeit protein supplements.
  • Check the Bar Code/ QR Code: A bar code of a product is as unique as a thumb impression of a human being.
  • Observe Container Quality, Graphics & Label Clarity: Always look for spelling mistakes, wrong placement of logos, and graphic faults.

Best 5 Protein Supplement Brands 2018

Best 5 Protein Supplement Brands 2018

  1. Universal Nutrition
    When it comes to supplements, Universal Nutrition holds the numero uno position. UN’s “Torrent” is a post-workout nutrition formulated to maximize the anabolic window of 30 to 60 minutes as mentioned earlier. On the other hand, UN’s “BCAA Stack” is formulated to increase protein synthesis, reduce muscle breakdown, and boost recovery & immunity.
  2. Muscle Tech
    It packs a punch of fruit flavors in your mouth and leaves your taste buds overwhelmed. Packed with Creatine, BCAAs, and other recovery products, this is one of the most powerful post-workout creatine.
  3. Advance Nutratech
    Taurine post-workout plays multiple roles in the body, including brain and nervous system function, blood pressure regulation, absorption of fat-soluble vitamins, and blood pressure regulation” (Bean 138). Its main advantage is to decrease muscle breakdown during exercise (Bean 138). No side-effects have been reported in Taurine post-workout.
  4. Optimum Nutrition (ON)
    If you are well-versed with the world of supplements, ON is undoubtedly on top of the game. 2:1:1 Recovery post-workout is highly recommended by gym trainers because it is formulated to restore glycogen level and enhance muscle recovery. If you are indulged in an intense training session every day then it’s an elixir for your muscle health.
  5. Ronnie Coleman
    Composed of essential nutrients such as L-Taurine, L-Alanine, and electrolytes, Ronnie Coleman post-workout supplement will help you recover quickly and improve exercise performance. It is also beneficial for strengthening the nervous system, reducing fat levels, and enhancing lean body mass.


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