Must Have Coats for Every Woman This Winter!


Winters have hit us hard and cold. It’s freezing and it’s simple logic to dress warm. But that doesn’t mean you have to put on layers over layers. You can feel warm and look stylish. But how? Coats are great for stopping the chills in winter. You can wear as many layers as you want underneath it and it all hides under the coat. So here is a list of coats you absolutely must have in your warm winter collection. They’re ideal for work, parties or casual hangouts. Edgy, trendy and definitely not boring- these are the types of coats you should be on a lookout for this winter when you go women clothes online shopping.

  1. Trench Coats
    Trench coats come in varying lengths ranging from just above the knee to just above the ankle. If you want to show off your dress in the winter, trench coats are the way to go. Keep the coat unbuttoned and wear you favorite dress underneath and you’re good to go. And don’t stick to just beige’s and tans- experiment with colors and textures for an urbane look.

    A trench coat is an absolute must have in coats.

  2. Wrap Coat
    Simply wrap the coat and cinch the belt in the front and adjust the stole. You’ve got yourself a polished, sophisticated look ideal both for work and other occasions. Wear a bag and play with some accessories to glam up the look. Wrap coats are fun to play with and very chic so don’t forget to buy one next time you go women clothes shopping online.

  3. Pea Coat
    Get yourself some basic navy jeans and match them with a turtle neck and some chic leather boots. Mix and Match different shades and hues and you’ve got the sober, chic and classic look for a pea coat. It is so versatile as a look that you can wear it literally anywhere and it would look sleek. I’ve seen people wear this look to wedding receptions and pull it off.
  4. Cape Coats
    Cape coats are my personal favorites. Wear a cape coat with a simple black legging and a hat and you have a drop dead gorgeous look.

Or choose a blazer cape while women clothes shopping in India and pair it with a skirt and white shirt. You can wear a cape coat with anything from ripped jeans to casual t shirts and it would look great.

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