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We all get excited when something new comes up in the market, especially the latest branded products. Aren’t we? On top of it, if it’s a good quality product with less cost it is definitely icing on the cake. You can avail raining discounts on latest beauty & health brands such as Hedonista, U-Grow, Dettol, Veet, and many other big names. The beauty industry is immensely big and our online website for beauty products is all set to bring each and every brand to the display.

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Three new entries in the skincare and haircare segment are Hedonista, Khadi-Pure, and Schwarzkopf. A fragrance is a final touch on your dress and a must-have essential while you are outdoors. We roped in close to ten reputed fragrance brands- Nike, Adidas, David Beckham, Colour Me, Rasasi, Victoria’s Secret, Armaf, United Colors of Benetton, Killer & Skinn powered by Titan. Veet trimmer lights up the grooming segment for women while Dettol’s anti-pollution masks are growing in demand due to the escalating level of pollution.

Exotic Fragrances with Big Guns in Beauty Industry.

Did you know? The first perfume was manufactured in 1370 at Hungary, which was a blend of scented oils and alcohol solution. Till date, there have been many modifications and new formulas diffused into your favorite scent brands. Planeteves recently added around a dozen of familiar fragrance brands which would definitely find a place in your scent cabinet.

Exotic Fragrances with Big Guns in Beauty Industry

Latest Fragrances for Him

If you are looking for a quality fragrance and ready to invest extra pennies, choose fragrances from the house of David Beckham, Benetton or Adidas. The top notes of these perfumes are dynamic and masculine and makes you feel refreshed for a long duration.

Latest Fragrances for Him

Latest Fragrances for Her

Colour Me & Rasasi are first two brands that come to the mind when we are looking for feminine and exceptional scents at cost-effective prices. Perfumes from Victoria’s Secret may be heavy for your pocket but, the aromas are definitely worth it.

Latest Fragrances for Her

New Wellness Products for Skin & Hair

Stick to your budget and make the wise choice by purchasing organically-made products from the house of Khadi Pure Gramudyog. No confinement to budget gives you the freedom to choose Hedonista beauty products over other brands. Let the magic of organic products do wonders on your skin and hair powered by Hedonista. This Indian beauty brand offers luxurious skincare products, haircare essentials, and fragrances. Make hair-styling far easier and elegant with the application of Schwarzkopf’s hair-sprays. Manage to look smart and fresh with quick styling of hair at any time of the day.

New Wellness Products for Skin & Hair

Brand New Baby Care Products by U-Grow

We all love babies and they look so adorable with cute smiles on their faces. We make sure they get the best care possible from feeding to hygiene for healthy growth. U-Grow is a European baby care and mother care brand, which offers comfort, convenience, and functionality to promote child’s growth.
U-Grow is an all new-entry to our online catalogue that include products for baby’s personal care, toilet-training, utensils for feeding, and sterilizers. Mother care products are also available.

Brand New Baby Care Products by U-Grow

New Grooming Essentials for Women

Body hair is definitely not a girl’s thing as it makes her feel weird and embarrassed. A gentle application is highly preferred as most of the trimmers in the market cuts the skin along with the hair. Achieve precise look with the use of Veet body trimmer that softly cuts and shapes your hair, including sensitive body parts like face, underarms, and bikini line.

New Grooming Essentials for Women & Anti-Pollution Mask

Anti-Pollution Mask

With rising pollution level in the atmosphere, it has become essential that we start wearing anti-pollution masks to prevent inhalation of harmful gas. Dettol’s anti-pollution mask filters out harmful particles and inbuilt micro-fan would keep you cool and comfortable by eliminating heat, moisture, and carbon-dioxide.

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