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How to Identify Fake Supplements?

Body-building is no easy job as it requires utmost dedication and discipline in every manner. Diet alone may not provide the optimum nutrients, and that’s where health supplements can enhance your wellness needs. Nowadays, everything available in the market is found adulterated and same goes for body-building products in India. It’s high time that you do proper research before hunting for a whey protein supplement or any other bodybuilding supplement. Today, we are one of the trusted websites on the web for Shopping Health Supplements online and have been receiving positive feedback from our customers.

How to Identify Fake Supplements

What makes us better than our competitors?
We value customer loyalty and it can only be achieved by selling original and branded products. Our quality control policy makes sure all the products are of premium standards and leave no space for disappointment. With building trust each passing day, Planeteves is inching towards being one of the most genuine online shopping websites for bodybuilding protein supplements.

What if you get fake bodybuilding supplement from our online shopping website?
We are offering “Money Back Guarantee” in case you get the counterfeit or fake supplement from our portal. The product would be eligible for money back only if it is sealed or unused. Examine the product before opening the product as an open product won’t be returned. Observe the packaging of the product with the help of signs mentioned below.

Now, you can yourself figure out if the purchased supplement is genuine or not. Below are the signs which can you help you out in identifying the fake product.

  1. Observe the Seal
    Once you have the supplement in your hands, check if there’s any seal or not. You were definitely cheated if you didn’t find the seal and if the seal is there, observe it carefully. Let’s make out the difference between fake and original on the basis of seal.Observe the Seal 1Observe the Seal 2
  2. Look at the LOT number carefully
    The second sign of fake supplement is incorrect format & LOT number. Check if the protein jar is genuine by looking at the LOT number. Log onto the website of the brand you purchased to validate LOT number online. If unable to validate online, call the customer care to confirm the lot number of bodybuilding supplement.Look at the LOT number carefully
  3. Check the Bar Code/ QR Code
    Rule No.3 to find a counterfeit product is its barcode and QR code.It’s the unique identity of a product and it is, therefore, difficult to imitate. A counterfeit product will contain an identical bar code to that of an original product.Check the Bar Code QR Code
  4. Observe Container Quality, Graphics & Label Clarity
    The counterfeit products usually have a poor quality container, graphics, spelling mistakes, and wrong alignment of logos.Observe Container Quality, Graphics & Label Clarity
  5. Incorrect Hologram/Logo
    Check if the hologram/logo on the protein supplement container is placed correctly or not. Any discrepancy present in the logo would mean that you bought a fake product. Incorrect Hologram Logo

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