Have you got your Winter Ear protection?

Winters are officially here. No clapping my dear as the winter chill and fogginess is all set to make our life gloomy and miserable. Yes, we so much want that the dropping mercury could rise up, up and up to our comfort zone. But for the weather (or winter) Gods!

Okay, there are woollens and a plenty of them to dress us from head to toe. But what about our ears? We all know the chilly winds aren’t just nail-biting, but painful for the ears too.

A full winter hat won’t help much. Ear muffs or ear warmers is a better and ideal solution. They are easily available at retail clothing department stores and certain specialty sport clothing stores.

Why wear Ear muffs?

Just like you wear a neck scarf to protect your neck from the cold winds, similarly you need an ear muff to shield your ears. Those of you who are extremely fashion-conscious would love to buy winter earmuffs online India. Some of you might like to wear a warm hat given the cold temp. But when you wear a hat for long period of time, you are bound to develop “hat hair”. It means long use of the warm hat might flatten your hair and squash it under the weight of your hat.

It is obvious you don’t want to be bogged down by hat hair. The good news is you can go for winter earmuffs online India and ear defenders India. Your hairdo will remain intact and not be so frightful to look at in the mirror.

Who Invented Ear muffs?

Hope by now you know the different names of winter ear protection – “ear warmers”, “winter earmuffs” and “ear grips”. Does it sound ear-teasing??

Heard of Chester Greenwood in Maine (America)? He invented the ear defenders in 1873. Guess what? He got the idea of ear warmers while skating. It goes to prove ‘necessity is the mother of invention’.

hatever the name, one thing is for sure – the basic style of earmuffs has not changed. All winter earmuffs online India come with an individual protective covering over both ears which is joined by a flexible band over or around the head.

Types Of Ear muffs

The good thing about woolen ear muffs India is they are flexible. And they come in different colours, textures and band width.

Any idea what these protective ear covers are made of?

Well, ear muffs are made of the following materials –

  • Cable knitsCable knits
  • Fake fur
  • Fleece
  • Plaids (or checkered material)
  • Shearling (lamb’s wool)
  • Thinsulate (man-made material)
  • Wool

Shearling (lamb’s wool)Whichever you pick out of the above depends largely on two things – your need and your style statement. Of course, comfort also comes in before you decide on winter earmuffs online India.

Style And Shape Of Ear muffs

There is one major difference in the winter earmuffs – the thickness of the connecting band which joins the two ear coverings. It could be a thin plastic used for acoustic earphones or a wider and thicker plastic band.
What you have to do is make sure that the band is adjustable so that it could align itself to different positions on your head. Or else, your ears could start paining. Got it?

 baby with

Funny Earmuffs?

Aww! It’s so sweet to wear ear defenders shaped into different types of animals. Imagine a squirrel or bugs bunny as winter earmuffs? Lovely idea for children, don’t you think? In fact, it might appeal to kids more than adults (which is perfect, as long as kids’ ears get protected). But if the adults want to explore the child in them, they too can go for such funny earmuffs.

Stretchy Headbands

This is a good alternative to “hat hair’ that you read above. And inexpensive too! Headbands are made of wool, fleece or acrylics. They are combined with stretchy material like spandex so that it can fit snugly around your head. Moreover, they can be easily folded and stuffed into your jacket pockets.

While headbands made of fleece are warm, and lightweight, the ones made of wool can be itchy around your hairline sometimes.

Caring of Earmuffs

When you buy ear warmers online India, make sure they last long the next winter season too.

If there are no cleaning instructions attached to the earmuffs you buy, then spray-on fabric cleaner might be the only way to do so. If the covers can be removed or are detachable, then you can wash them gently. The plastic band will not be affected as it is waterproof. But always read the manufacturer’s instructions before washing winter earmuffs.

A tip – use mild clothes detergent in cold water, particularly for wool, as wool shrinks. Then lay them flat to dry, though fleece earmuff can be hung up if you prefer.

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