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How to Get Rid of Spectacles

An eye is one of the most important organs of a human body as it allows us to see the beautiful world around us. With the onset of latest technology, such as mobile phones, video games, and laptops, children cannot resist themselves from using them and spend hours looking into the bright displays. They end up wearing glasses in late childhood or early teens due to constant exposure to bright light. Rescue poor eyesight with intake of proper nutrition, health supplements, and relevant exercises.

How to Get Rid of Spectacles

Feed yourself the right kind of food
What diet needs to be followed in order to get rid of glasses or spectacles?
Eating homemade food rich in nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zinc, and vitamin C & E might do the trick and cure your poor eyesight.

Feed yourself the right kind of food

Below are few food products to treat poor eyesight

  • Feed yourself green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, and collards
  • Drink carrot and orange juice everyday
  • Sea food such as salmon, tuna, and oily fish is also beneficial for blur vision.
  • Eat grapes, papaya, apricot, and cod liver oil daily to improve vision

How to improve vision without eating green vegetables?

How to improve vision without eating green vegetables?

In case, if you don’t like green leafy vegetables you may consume dietary supplements in order to maintain good vision and promote normal growth. Purchase Healthvit vitamin A & D capsules from our online catalogue of Healthvit at less price as compared to the market.


  • Helps maintain good vision and promoting normal growth
  • Regulates the level of calcium and phosphorus
  • Boosts up the health of nervous system and kidneys.

Exercise for Eyes

Exercise for Eyes

Which exercise can boost up the process of restoration of vision?

Wearing glasses for the longer period of time without exercising the muscles around the eyes could worsen your vision. Below are the exercises to improve your vision. You must close your eyes for a few minutes on every 2-3 hours and massage specific spots everyday. Initially, rub your hands to generate warm energy and transfer it to your eyes by pressing them gently.

exercises to improve your vision
Exercise 1: Massaging painful spots: First, close your eyes and place your fingertips on your eyeballs. Start massaging over closed eyes 6-9 times clockwise, then 6-9 times counterclockwise. Massage gently over the painful spots until the pain vanishes.

Massaging painful spots


Exercise 2: Pull up eyelids: Next, pull up your eyelids through your thumb and index finger 6-9 times. This exercise would increase the fluid content, thus releasing waste out of the eyes.

Pull up eyelids

Exercise 3: Trataka: Move your candle/index finger away from you at a distance of 8 inches from the eye. Stare at it carefully without blinking until you get tears out of your eyes. This Indian technique eliminates the toxins out of the body through eyes.

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