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Buying Protein Supplements Online isn’t a Rocket Science

The online market or the local markets are flooded with fake supplements and it isn’t really a difficult task to make out the differences between original and fake protein supplements. Don’t let the online sellers make a fool out of you rather you do a proper research before you buy them. Low-quality and counterfeit products often have poor packaging and incorrect labeling. As you scroll down this page, you will come across various other ways of differentiating between an original and a counterfeit protein.

Buying Protein Supplements Online isn’t a Rocket Science

5 Ways you can identify a Fake Supplement

As soon as you have a jar of protein powder in your hands, don’t just get too much excited and open it. Behold! Carefully examine the packaging of the supplement and look for the obvious signs of identifying an original product mentioned below.

  1. Inspect the Barcode/ QR Code
    A barcode of a product is as unique as a thumbprint of a human being. It’s definitely a counterfeit product if you see exactly the same barcode printed to that of an original protein jar.

    Inspect the Barcode/ QR Code
    How to scan a barcode?You can download an application on your smartphone through which you can scan the barcode. The link provided on the application will lead you to concerned website.
  2. Check the label and spellings
    My personal experience wasn’t pleasing at the protein shop near me. A random examination of the text written on the label got me to a conclusion that there was a spelling error in one of the ingredients. I was fortunate enough that I got away without purchasing a fake protein powder.

    What are the other mistakes on a label of a protein supplement?
    You were definitely cheated if you found the following errors on the seal or the label:
    a) Name of the actual website written with modification
    b) A gap in the word ‘Olimp’ (For example- OL-IMP)
  3. Check LOT number carefully
    A LOT number is usually written along with the expiry date at the base of the jar. You can validate LOT number of a protein supplement online by visiting the website of the concerned brand.
  4. Examine the Hologram/ Logo
    Probably the easiest way to identify a counterfeit supplement is to check its logo carefully. A nutrition supplement is forged if you notice the following features in the logo:
    a) Old logos on new packaging
    b) Irrelevant layout & fonts
    c) Spelling errors
  5. Notice the MRP StickerNotice the MRP Sticker I never miss out on looking at the MRP sticker even at the grocery shop then why won’t I look at the MRP sticker of an expensive protein supplement! You can easily spot a fake product if you see a different MRP sticker to that of sticker present on a genuine product. A sample of genuine product with an MRP sticker is mentioned above.
    So next time you plan on to buy wellness products online or from the local market, make sure you notice the aforementioned signs of identification.

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