Bug-Off Mosquitoes with 5 Best Mosquito Repellent Products Online

Did mosquitoes keep you awake the whole night? It’s time to deal with these bloodsucking miniature monsters with 5 most effective mosquito repellents online. Do not miss out the fun of going out for a family picnic just because you are afraid that mosquitoes will spoil the mood. Teach those party poopers a lesson in an effective way by learning how to choose best mosquito killers.

Bug-Off Mosquitoes with 5 Best Mosquito Repellent Products Online

Things to Remember before Buying Mosquito Repellents

Don’t fall prey to the potentially dangerous parasites transferred by mosquitoes. Carefully consider the following guidelines before you buy a mosquito repellent wipe:

Do not use these products on kids under 3 years of age

Mosquito sprays and mosquito repellent creams available in the market contain DEPA (used for acute poisoning), IR3535 (insect repellent), and Piperidine compounds like KBR 3023 (effective for virus and malaria prevention), AI3-35765, etc.

Prefer repellents containing Lemon Eucalyptus and Picaridin compounds

Next time you visit the nearest chemist shop, ensure that lemon eucalyptus or Picaridin compounds are one of the ingredients used in the mosquito repellent you put in your cart.
Now, we are well aware of dos & don’ts, therefore, there’s no chance you end up having a poor quality product in your hand.

5 Effective Mosquito Repellent Products Online

Have a look at the best 5 mosquito repellent products available on Planeteves.

5 Effective Mosquito Repellent Products Online

  1. Dabur Odomos Cream/Spray: Your Bodyguard against Mosquitoes
    Inarguably, our most reliable option when bloodthirsty mosquitoes are hunting aggressively for their prey. Once you apply Dabur Odomos Cream, its application will keep malaria and dengue vectors at bay.
  2. Omved Anti-Mosquito Coil: An Old-School Formula with Better Fragrance
    How nostalgic it is to see an old-school formula still in the application! Though its odor was unpleasing to our olfactory lobes, we quite managed to resist it somehow because the formula was super effective. With a touch of Ayurveda to it, it’s all set to keep you bug-free while surrounding you in the aroma of divine botanicals such as Castor, Sandalwood, and Aloe Vera.
  3. Geeleemitti Mosquito Repellent Oil: Mid-Air Insect Toxic
    We can’t stand the presence of mosquitoes especially when we badly need a good night sleep. Go Mosquito Repellent Oil is a mid-air toxic for mosquitoes while a pleasing and uplifting fragrance for us.
  4. Dabur Odomos Wristband: Protector of your Little One
    Children are carefree and love to spend time outdoors. You just cannot leave your children unattended but, you can’t either stay around them round the clock. They won’t say “No” to a colorful and stylish Dabur Odomos wristband that keeps the mosquitoes away!
  5. NatureSure Mosquito Repellent Roll: Mosquitoes on Back-foot
    Do you want to achieve the 100% attendance award at school? Don’t miss the chance to win the trophy this time. It provides the best protection against mosquitoes carrying parasites of dengue and malaria.

Mosquito diseases are on a rise and each year the number of victims doubles. Teach them a lesson so that they don’t come hunting for you next time.

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