Beware! Buying Cosmetics in India is a Gamble!

Are you purchasing fake beauty products online or bargained a counterfeit lip makeup products from a flea market? It is important to protect your skin from the hazardous chemicals of dummy cosmetics and purchase them only from reliable resources.

You may be feeling like a bargain queen after hunting a branded lipstick at a fraction of its original price at Sarojini. But did you give a second thought to this act of snipping? You might have bagged a fake product!

It is an open secret that cosmetic world, be it street shopping or online makeup stores, is flooded with fake versions of the most popular makeup brands. The worst thing that nobody would ever tell you is that many of these cheap products contain lead and even paint stripper which are dangerous for your skin and hair.

Beware! Buying cosmetics in India is a gamble!
It is easy to fall prey to fake makeup products market of beauty products online. While street shopping at flea markets you may even spot sellers telling that the product is all safe, real and genuine. Whether it is skin care products or hair care products, the difference between original and dummy products is often too subtle to get noticed.

What makes fake beauty products hazardous for you?

What makes fake beauty products hazardous for you?
Lead – Some counterfeit makeup products may contain several times the legal limit of lead in them. It can cause lead poisoning which causes memory loss, headaches and joint pains.

Allergic reactions – Street bargainers often do not care about the concoction when purchasing a dummy beauty product, even when they get it at dirt-cheap prices. In return, what they get is dangerous chemicals that may cause allergic reactions and even permanent scarring.

Arsenic – Counterfeit cosmetics may also contain arsenic which is a toxic element that can cause abdominal pain and shock.

Eye reaction – False eye makeup product can cause eye reactions including pain, blurry vision and swelling of eyelids.

Chemical burns – In worst cases, if you put on a product which is loaded with plenty of dangerous ingredients, it may cause chemical burns.

How to spot fake beauty products from real ones?


How to spot fake beauty products from real ones?

Cheaper – Keeping the usual discounts offered in makeup online shopping aside, a fake cosmetic product will cost you a fraction of the original price. Dirt cheap price is the best bait used to lure customers.

Packaging – Pay special attention to fonts and the packaging. It differs from the original, and sometimes the differences may be too subtle to get noticed. It is smart to first get the specifications of the product on a famous and reliable online store, especially if you are purchasing a product from a specific brand for the first time. Ill-fitting mirrors, low quality plastic casing or made in China tag are often the significant features of dupe beauty products.

Contact the company – If you are dicey about the authenticity of a product, contact the cosmetic company directly with all the details, like picture, bar-code, and packaging.

You may be a big fan of beauty products online shopping or cheap shopping at a flea market, but you can’t risk your health. Therefore, rather than searching for a bargain, purchase genuine products from reliable online or offline stores. The discount you would get during online cosmetic shopping may be small, but the price you will pay will be worth to invest for.

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