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Beat the Heat- 5 Skin Care Tips for Summer

Red hot summer has arrived, the sudden rise in the level of mercury keeps all of us at risk of skin and hair woes. Our sensitive skin may not be suitable for sun-drenched outdoors. Beat the heat this summer with the application of skin-sensational beauty products and enjoy rest of the season care-freely. Whether an itchy scalp, skin-tan or acne-prone skin, we will help you resolve the most common hair and skin imperfections this summer.

Common skin problems in summer

Scorching summer brings with it heat and humidity that not just makes us sweat but also causes skin havoc. We got you a full proof plan which will help you provide resistance against unpleasant sunshine.

Common skin problems in summer

Every year we plan a vacation especially during the summers and it’s almost worth it if we don’t mention about intense tanning. If it isn’t tanning, prickly heat or heat rash irritates the skin in the harshest way possible. Acne breakouts are one of the worst scenarios and leave no stone unturned in spoiling your mood. On top of that oily skin does the job of rubbing salt into the wound, i.e., it makes your face too glossy. Uneven skin tone is another sun-damaged woe that could make you look odd at the beach party or while you wear sleeveless garbs.

Let’s skip the further talks and comes to the main point. Below are 5 simple solutions to tackle summer induced problems to skin and hair.

   1. Rub ice cubes on an affected area to cool your skin

Those who have oily skin are more prone to heat boils and rubbing a cube of ice over the affected area would help lessen the redness, itchiness, and appearance of boils.


Recommended Products for Boils & Sunburn

  • Khadi Teatree Essential Oil
  • Vaadi Herbals Foot Scrub with Fenugreek & Lemongrass Oil

Rub ice cubes on an affected area to cool your skin

  2 . Keep your scalp cool with henna pack

Add shine to your locks the natural way with the application of henna pack over the scalp. Henna hair pack is enriched with ingredients that possess cooling properties and enhances the natural beauty of your hair.

Recommended Henna pack for healthy hair

  • Banjaras Natural Henna
  • Gratia Natural Henna
  • Debon Herbals blended Henna Mehendi

Keep your scalp cool with henna pack

   3. Never step out without applying sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen lotion is a far better option than spawning a full-sleeve dress in the peak sun hours.

With the onset of summer, we rush to the online beauty store or nearest cosmetic stores to grab that bottle of sunscreen lotion, Isn’t it? However, applying sunscreen is essential throughout the year not just during the summertime. Wearing sunscreen protects you from harmful UV rays, prevents premature ageing, reduces the risk of skin cancer, and saves your skin from sunburns and tanning.

Recommeded products for sunburn & tanning

  • Auravedic Pure Calming Face Mist
  • Kronokare Sun Warrior Body Sunscreen
  • Aroma Magic Sunscreen Sun Block Lotion (Cucumber, Carrot)
  • Blue Heaven Sunscreen Lotion
  • Garnier Sun Conrol Daily Moisturizer UV Advanced

Never step out without applying sunscreen

   4. Wash your tresses with cold water to prevent hair loss

Washing hair with cold water maintains natural hydration and minimizes oily scalp and hair problems.
Other benefits- Natural Detoxification, tightens cuticle layer and slows down hair loss.

For greasy scalp & Frizzy Hair: Those who have greasy scalp or frizzy hair must shampoo their hair twice or thrice a week.

Prevention of Heat Boils

  • Take a cold water shower to soothe your skin from the intense heat.
  • After drying yourself with a towel, apply talcum powder on the skin.
  • Having a shower with cold or lukewarm water prevents your skin from heat boils.

Wash your tresses with cold water to prevent hair loss


 5. Use sandalwood face pack once a week

Sandalwood is an excellent beauty ingredient that helps in removing tan, treats inflammation due to sunburn, insect bites or any other skin wounds.

Other benefits: For removing acne and blackheads, for skin softening, removal of sun-tan and removal of dark spots.

Recommended products enriched with sandalwood

  • Tvam Face Pack Sandalwood
  • Auravedic Skin Lightening Mask (Sandalwood, Turmeric, and Saffron)
  • Indus Valley Multani Mitti & Sandalwood Face Pack

Use sandalwood face pack once a week

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