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5 Products to a Flawless Face!

Living in such extreme climatic conditions isn’t easy! Your skin is very exposed to the polluted environment and consistent harsh rays of the sun. The dirt gets accumilated in your pores more often than you notice! So we made a list of products you can keep in mind next time you go women shopping online for beauty products. These products are made keeping in mind a busy woman’s schedule and accessibility. You can easily fit any of these products in your bag for an instant fix to healthy skin.

  • A sunscreen
    A sunscreen is your first step to healthy skin. It forms a protective layer on your face, keeping the harsh rays of the sun at bay. Irrespective of the whether experts recommend wearing sunscreen everyday, yes, even in the winters.

A sunscreen - Planeteves

  • Face Mist
    Possibly the most ideal face product for humid and hot weather, face mist cleanses your skin repeatedly while keeping it fresh. It’s extremely easy to use and convenient to carry. It keeps your skin hydrated and your make up glowing all day. It also adds radiance and an instant glow to your face. This product sounds like it is not a necessity but once you start using it you will notice the world of difference it makes.

Face Mist - Planeteves

  • Scrub
    Post the protection of the skin comes the cleansing. Despite how hard you try some dirt will percolate the skin. You have to make sure your deep clean your pores to rinse that dirt off. That’s where scrubbing comes in. Invest in a good healthy herbal scrub and do it at least twice a week for the best results.
    Scrub - Planeteves
  • Anti Pollution FaceWash
    When you buy ladies cosmetics online there might be a couple of items that you keep standard. Like your favourite facewash from a trusted brand. While you might not be keen to switch your favourites it is important to keep an eye out for products that could be even better for your skin. So, every once in a while switch it up. Preferably with an anti pollution face-wash in the summer. It is an absolute life saver.
    Anti Pollution FaceWash - Planeteves
  • A Face Mask
    Your skin isn’t completely safe with just sunscreens and face-washes. Every once in a while it needs something extra to give it a lift. When buying women beauty products online in India make sure to invest in at least one good face pack and use it every once if week to pamper yourself, if not more.
    A Face Mask - Planeteves

Beauty products for women online can offer such a wide array of options that one can get confused between products that are actually needed and ones that are simply add ons. These 5 products are absolute essentials of a healthy skin in our day and time which make sure that the fast paced life and extreme climatic conditions don’t take a toll on your skin.

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