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Have You Tried Organic Shampoos?

Washing hair needs no season. Whether it is sun-cruel summers or harsh winters, we have to wash our hair at least once a week, if not twice. Hello, are you shopping for shampoos in a blind-folded way? Foreign brands and good packaging is not enough to get the wow-ness in your hair. Some of your favorite shampoos could be having harmful chemicals and additives in them and other byproducts. Are you going to let that ruin your precious hair locks? It is worth knowing the benefits of organic shampoo brands for your hair sake. In fact, you will be glad you did.


All Natural Ingredients

Nothing “Artificial” about it. The chemical free shampoo brands use plant-based products to create the hair formula. This is one of the promising benefits of chemical free shampoos and best organic shampoo for hair loss. As a result, the effects of the shampoo are gentler on your hair and more effective in cleaning minus any harm.

All Natural Ingredients


Goodbye Harmful Chemicals
Who wants harmful chemicals in their hair anyway? Not a soul, I think. The goodness of organic shampoo is in the fact that being made from natural products, there is not an iota of harmful chemicals in it which can spell disaster for your shampoo brands

Let us take a look at some of the harmful chemicals in a non-organic shampoo bottle which we happily pick up from a fancy local store.

  1. Formaldehyde: Sounds familiar, thanks to our Chemistry classes at school? Formaldehyde was used to dissect an animal (remember the smell of formaldehyde). So this very chemical used to preserve “dead bodies” for various purposes is used in most non-organic shampoo brands today. Yucks!! It can be horrendous for your hair.
  2. Ammonium Chloride: OMG! What is this yet-another-chemical doing in our shampoo? It can be a major cause of eye irritation to us if this chemical goes in our eyes.
  3. Propylene Glycol: Though this chemical can be used as a moisturizer, it can also be a “skin irritant”. In fact, Propylene Glycol has been associated with respiratory and immunity problems in kids.
  4. Methylchloroisothiazolinone: This tongue-twisting preservative is used for its “antibacterial” and “anti-fungal effects” in cosmetics and beauty products….But it can cause skin problems too.

By using an organic shampoo, you can be convinced that the product you are using is not only safe and great for your hair, it is good for the environment as well.

Shampoo Online

Having read this, are you still going to use chemical-based shampoos or ask for chemical free shampoo brands whenever you are doing women beauty products shopping at the counter or online? Think and tell us in the comments below what brands of organic shampoos you have used and what your experiences were. Like this post and Share it as well.

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