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The Not So Common Home Décor Ideas

There is a lot to be said for room makeovers. Whether you need a boost, or you’re sad, a room makeover is an instant solution that not only brings a feeling of newness to your room, but also tends to give you an instant mood lift. So when you conduct your home furnishing shopping online, remember that conventional ideas are not the only ideas available for a room makeover. Branch out a bit, and try something new for a change.

Graphic Rugs

Shag rugs are all the range right now and home furnishings products online are full of shag rug options. And sure they are good to look at, but they also require a lot of maintenance. Anyway, where’s the fun in choosing an already popular style? Go against the flow, because it’s time for something new. If the room that you are making over has a mix of different types of furniture, a graphic rug will act as a unifier. A graphic rug can also provide your room with a totally new focal point. Mitigate the effect of the rug, instead of a glass coffee table, try using a solid one instead.


Paint has, since forever, been the most classic makeover solution. A splash of some new color has the ability to completely change a room. But, you can try something different this time round. Instead of choosing one color and painting the entire room, experiment. Paint one wall in a contrasting shade, or have a design on it, or paint the ceiling in a lighter shade than the walls. Get creative and surprise yourself.

The Classic Route

Unconventional routes are, without doubt, fun to pick. But sometimes, it is the classics that can entice you completely. You would, of course, have a lot of pictures of you and your family. So why not use them? Get your favorites printed and framed, and hang them up on a wall. A picture wall is not just a wall full of good memories, but also a focal point for a room as well as a conversation starter. If you want to, you can even add up words, designs, or graffiti around the frames.


New shelves, whether you want a new wall decoration or even if you actually need the space, are a great way to change the look of a room. Not only do shelves help in your revamp, but they also provide extra space to put stuff, and they don’t even take up much space themselves.


Whether in the walls and the furniture, or just a different texture or in furniture that doesn’t match, mix it up. Be bold and mix up your room, not everything has to match at every time. Add a sense of adventure to your room and don’t be scared to experiment.

Bring out your inner artist and start getting creative with your living space. There is nothing better than a new that helps you rejuvenate every day.

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