Accessorize the Eco-Friendly Way

Looking at the recently increasing deleterious environmental conditions, who wouldn’t like to contribute to the safety of our ecosystem? And believe us; you can start with something as simple as buying pro-environment materials when shopping for women handbags online or any other fashion product or accessory. If you’re looking to make a mark towards environment-friendliness through your choices, a handbag is a great place to start with. In fact, nowadays many high-end fashion brands have also started to promote the environment through CSR as well as the articles they produce and sell, realizing the need for eco-friendliness.

A Danish Fashion Institution once claimed that the fashion industry is the world’s second worst polluter, cotton being one of the top six pollutants. However, no one ever took it very seriously until 2013, when global authorities like the European Union began to take note of the shocking claim. This was particularly stated because of the chemicals used in the cultivation of fashion raw materials, the toxic by-products of the fashion producing industries and the over consumption that is resulting in health hazards among the textile workers and the environment all together. While efforts are in process, fashion’s impact on the environment is yet to be updated, till then the situation still remains cold and distressing. Nonetheless, despite challenges, there are ways in which you can enjoy guilt-free fashion:

  • In place of pure polyester, which is now a fashion of the previous generations, go for imitation fabrics in handbags for women. These are generally of a higher quality and help make an admired, guilt-free statement.
  • Imitation fabrics are also a cool way to carry fur, which shouldn’t stop you from calling yourself a true animal lover.
  • Leather bags are considered the luxury standard, but a few recognized brands have started insisting on eco-friendly and cruelty-free materials that look and feel just like real leather.
  • Then there are other options you’ll come across while women accessories shopping online, like eco-friendly vegetable dyed, brightly colored tote bags..
  • Faux leather and faux suede are popularly used fabrics and are easily available these days. You’ll never have the guilt of carrying animal skin on your shoulder.
  • Handbags for women are also available in microfiber, a synthetically developed material that doesn’t need us to interfere with the natural ecosystems.
  • Strictly avoid leather or animal skins of camel, alligator, snakes and other materials such as silk, suede, angora, cashmere, animal hair etc. that comes from harming animals.

Bonus Inspiration: Ever heard of a bag that’s made of paper and is washable?

“A washable paper bag” – Sounds too good to be true? But, it does exist! It’s not available anywhere in India at present, but let’s hope we get to see it soon.

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