4 Fragrance Hacks for Long-Lasting Smell

Are you searching for right perfume for women? If yes, you have come to the right place where we are telling some deodorant and perfume hacks to smell amazing all the day.

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4 Fragrance Hacks for Long-Lasting Smell

We imagine Eve as the epitome of beauty emanating the fragrance of the Garden of Eden itself.Don’t you sometimes wonder how to embrace the ultimate beauty and smell like a walking charm all the time? Smelling like Eve is an art.

Go through our quick guide as we are sharing some fragrance hacks to make the most out of your pricey deodorant and perfume collection. We know about your affair with your preferred fragrance. It is an essential part of your grooming ritual. However, to keep smelling like a charm all the day and make your fragrance stay longer, you need some hacks.

Here you go!

Lock the fragrance

Moisturize your skin before applying perfume

Moisturize your skin before applying perfumeWhether you buy perfume online or from a store, to make it last longer, it is important to keep your skin hydrated before you apply perfume. The science behind this hack is that oily skin retains a fragrance for longer compared to dry skin. You might curse oily skin, but is has an advantage when it comes to keeping the scent intact. You can use Vaseline on the areas where you spray perfume. The particles of Vaseline hold the perfume and slow down its process of fading away. For best results, moisturize your skin with scent-free moisturizer.
Perfume vs. deodorant

Apply perfume on your pulse points

Apply perfume on your pulse points
There is a difference between deodorant and perfume, and they should not be used interchangeably. The purpose of deodorant is to kill bacteria and mask your body odor, but perfume is meant to project fragrance. So, the area where perfume should be applied is different from that of a deodorant is sprayed. Perfume for women is generally sprayed on the pulse points of the body, like inside elbow, behind ears, collarbone, behind the knees. These points radiate heat and help in a fast dissipation of the fragrance.

How to apply deodorant

Give an extra moment of care

Give an extra moment of care
Most people swipe deodorant carelessly and then expect it to work. The best method to apply deodorant is to spread over the stuff slowly and properly. Giving an extra moment of care will uniformly put a blanket of fragrance on your entire body.

Store in the right place

Protect your cologne from environmental hazards

Store in the right place
To maintain the fragrance and shelf life of perfume and deodorant, it is important that they are stored in the right place. Humidity, heat, and light can deteriorate the quality and intensity of your perfume which can be one of the reasons why it is not as effective as it was once. The steam from the hot shower can affect the top notes of your perfume, so your bathroom cabinet is not the right place to store deodorant and perfume. Store them in a cool and dry place.

Your scent contributes a lot to your personality and speaks a lot about you. So, you should never shy away from spending a good amount on branded perfumes for women as they are always better than random ones.

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