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3 Game changing Lip-Balms to keep you Fall Ready!

Every woman has been obsessed with lip balms some time in their life. Open their handbag and you will find no less than 3 different lip balms among the clutter of cosmetics. A good long lasting tinted lip balm, a tiny comb and khol are the 3 essentials no woman walks out of her house without, whether its for a party, office or just weekly grocery shopping. All of our lip balms, no matter how expensive or branded have one problem, they’re not long lasting. One has to reapply their balm repeatedly through-out the day to stay away from chapped lips. So we decided to bring you a our 3 most long lasting and hydrating lip balms that connoisseurs swear by.

1. Khadi Lip Balms

Coming from the trusted brand of Khadi, these lip balms might not be your favorite when it comes to texture and smell but they’re undoubtedly the healthiest of your lips. The thick balm stays for extremely long hours and leaves your lips feeling supple and healthy. They consist of beeswax that makes sure your lips are hydrated and that they can retain the moisture.

Khadi Lip Balms

2. Maybelline

This Maybelline lip balm is an all time favorite of every girl across the country. It comes in a vibrant tube with cute packaging and is easy to carry everywhere. It has a thin application that isn’t too heavy on the lips and feels comfortable to wear. The balms comes in many colors but isn’t very fragrant or flavored.


3. Oriflame The ONE Lip Spa Care Lip Balm

Coming from the trusted home-care brand of Oriflame, the lip balm is rightly named a Lip Spa. The product is everything a lip balm should be. It’s handy, feels good to apply and comes in a cute packaging. It instantly soothes, dry chapped lips leaving them supple and soft. It has vitamin E that will leave your skin feeling healthy.

 Oriflame The ONE Lip Spa Care Lip Balm

The list doesn’t end here though. There are many more lip balms on the market you can try out. Your personal favorites can vary due to a range of reasons- right from longevity to color preferences and affordability. Let us know your favorite balms in the comments below and tell us why you love them.


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